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Dmitry Feduleev’s first experience with oDesk was as an employee of an affiliate. His employer, Deimand, worked mostly in its local market in Russia, but the small unit Dmitry was in also took jobs through oDesk. Last year, an entrepreneurial urge drove Dmitry to found his own company, BelVG, through which he manages a small team of mostly Facebook application developers working exclusively through oDesk. As both a current employee at Deimand and the owner of BelVG, Dmitry has a unique perspective on the oDesk provider’s experience.

Q: Last year, in addition to your Deimand work, you launched BelVG. How did that start?
A: When I started, I was working with just two of my mates, making one project for a U.S. customer. In May 2007, Facebook opened its developer’s area and I got my first BelVG project involving that. This thing interested me, and I asked my guys to learn it. We started to develop our first Facebook applications, and from there we started to grow. Now we have ten Facebook developers, three xHTML developers, and two designers.

Q: When you’re communicating with buyers, which methods are most useful for you – email, chat, Skype, etc?
A: Skype calls are the most useful things for getting whatever I want quickly, but usually it’s Yahoo chats, and email for storing all my to-do’s.

Q: As a business owner, how do you see the business climate for 2008?
A: I think this is going to be the year of business social networks, where people come not only for fun, but to make money. Also, the main streams of this year will include open social applications, Facebook applications with real substance – not only for fun – and ad startups based on this social stuff.

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