All Things Upwork
by oDesk

A new version of oDesk Team for Linux and FreeBSD has been released. You can download it here.

Changes since version 1.3.0:

  • After launch, oDesk Team now waits for explicit user confirmation before logging time and screenshots
  • oDesk Team icon now shows balloon with status information when you point mouse on it
  • Improvements in Minicam (web camera window): more image tuning options
  • Balloon notifications now display international characters correctly (using Pango)
  • Time management (NTP): changing local time on computer does not affect correct time logging
  • In screensnap drawing, font face, size and last entered text are remembered
  • Window decorations are included when active window is snapped
  • In “Recent screensnaps” mode, thumbnails are scaled correctly now
  • Fixed crash during snap of window placed partially outside of the screen
  • Web camera was not always released after taking snap – fixed