All Things Upwork

A little while back I wrote about how open-source work serves as a great resume builder. Today, I had the pleasure of speaking with OStatic.

OStatic logo – A message from their site:

Our goal is to increase the adoption of Open Source Software by helping users find viable projects and applications that fulfill specific needs, evaluate them against available alternatives and collaborate with their network of trusted peers.

OStatic seems to fill a great need in the IT world. I browsed around today and already feel a bit more enlightened about the vast number of great open-source projects out there. It is an excellent tool for discovery of new projects as well as information and resources around each project on their project pages. Here’s the page for Subversion.

We think that this is a great resource for buyers and providers to find, evaluate, and collaborate around open-source projects and hope that oDesk users will find it to be helpful.

Josh Breinlinger

Senior Associate at Sigma Partners

Josh joined Sigma as a Senior Associate in 2010, bringing six years of startup experience building exceptional teams, products, and communities. He has a black-belt in online marketing and a strong track record of success in user acquisition and retention. Prior to joining Sigma, Josh was the Director of Product and Marketing at AdRoll, an online advertising company, where he helped grow revenue 4x in… read more