All Things Upwork
by oDesk

We’ve made some major enhancements to the oDesk client applications for Windows.  We’ve taken previously separate client applications like oDesk Team and oDesk Share and bundled those and more into a single downloadable client application – oDesk Pack for Windows.

Check out the new video tutorials.

New features include:

1. A single install package for several oDesk Applications, including oDesk Team, Share, ScreenSnap, MiniCam and oDesk Extras.

2. oDesk Preferences, which you can access by right-clicking on either the oDesk Team or oDesk Share icons in your system tray (the icons are new, too! oDesk Share and  oDesk Team). Using oDesk Preferences, you can select when different applications launch and control the settings for each application. You can also install oDesk Extras.

3. oDesk Extras, including:

        * Short URL, which allows you to create permanent short URLs for emails, etc.
        * Plain Text, which allows you to paste HTML text without tags into other documents
        * Windows Manipulation, which allows you to use hotkeys to change the size and position of windows

4. MiniCam, which allows you to see a tiny camera icon in your System Tray.

5. Local ScreenSnaps. Use our ScreenSnap tool to create JPEG, PNG and BMP images that you can save locally.