All Things Upwork
April 7, 2008 by oDesk

We have released three new screens for Staffing Managers to help manage their companies on oDesk:

Each Staffing Manager in your company can now view and manage all of the candidacies of your Affiliated Contractors (ACs). On the “Team Candidacies” tab you can view all of the active interview invitations and candidacies for your ACs. You can accept or reject interview invitations, or end a candidacy, on behalf of your AC. With the “Team Assignments” tab you can view all of your ACs’ active assignments, end assignments, give buyer feedback, and give a refund.

The Staffing Manager Console is a central place to manage your roster of ACs. You can see a list of all of your active ACs, with links to their Provider Profile, candidacies and assignments. You can also see their (hourly) last date worked, the rate that appears on their Provider Profile, and their Profile Visibility setting.

Most importantly, you can change their profile rate and profile visibility – just select the AC(s) you want to change, and select “Change Profile Rate”.