All Things Upwork
by oDesk

We’ve redesigned the Work Diary to make it easier for you to use. We think you’ll love these great new features:

  1. The new Work Diary will open within the main navigational window instead of popping up in its own window.
  2. The left navigation section can be hidden so that users with narrower screens and/or lower resolutions can see the entire row of screenshots without scrolling.
  3. The new Preferences bar allows you to toggle the following settings:
    • Time Zone between yours, the user’s, or GMT
    • Time Format between 12- and 24-hour
    • View between Thumbnail and List format
  4. If you are a member of multiple Teams, easily switch from one Team’s Work Diary to another using the new Team selector drop-down menu in the upper left.
  5. If your Team has multiple members, easily switch from one user’s Work Diary to another using the new user selector drop-down menu in the upper left.
  6. In your own Work Diary, you can now edit memos in-line one at a time or simultaneously change a whole batch of memos using the checkbox selectors and the Edit Memo button in the upper right.
  7. Offline time can be added using the Add offline time button in the upper right. You should add a memo to your offline time when you create it. Memos on offline time may also be changed in-line or in a batch. (Don’t forget to get permission from the buyer before logging offline time.)
  8. The Work Diary URLs are now in a more logical format:

You can find the new Work Diary in My oDesk > Work with Your Team > Work Diary (Beta):

Check out these new features plus many other refinements that add up to a cleaner, clearer, faster user experience.

If you run into any problems, please let us know. (You can use the “Classic” Work Diary in the meantime.)

And we’d love to know what you think! Post your comments here: