All Things Upwork
May 20, 2008 by Jacqui Pittenger

We’ve begun passing out T-shirts to our favorite blog or forum posts mentioning oDesk. This month’s winners are:

  • Airish A for her blog ‘My So-Called “Freelance” Life’.
  • Chris T for great use of his oDesk Certified badges.
  • Janette P for her post on the advantages of using oDesk to work at home.
  • Ryan J for my favorite quote of the month:
    “I personally had never heard of oDesk until I stumbled upon it in some offbeat manner, but it looks like a service suited for people in my field of work. oDesk is a service that brings together businesses and I.T. Consultants, Programmers and Designers and if I had actually taken some time to read computing magazines or tech news sites in the past year or two, I would have already known about the service.”

Remember – if you haven’t gotten your T-shirt, send your latest blog or forum posts mentioning oDesk to!