All Things Upwork

As anyone who has been keeping track of the oConomy will already know, oDesk is growing rapidly.  Yesterday we announced some exciting milestones including the fact that the value of work done through oDesk has nearly tripled in each of the past two years.  In addition:

  • Over 110,000 professionals from 100 countries now offer their services on oDesk with the addition of 86,000 new providers in just 12 months.  Over 50,000 jobs have been filled at an average hourly job size of 390 hours. 
  • Over 190,000 qualification tests have been taken by more than 55,000 oDesk providers
  • Over 3,000,000 work hours have been logged on oDesk, with 55,000 logged within the last week alone


What’s driving the growth?  We think word-of-mouth has a lot to do with it, so a huge "oThank you" to everyone who has helped to spread the word.

See the full announcement here.

Brian Goler


Brian Goler served as Vice President of Marketing at oDesk. Brian has more than 15 years of management experience spanning several online community and publishing businesses. Brian co-founded and launched YorZ, an online community dedicated to helping people advance their careers. He held several senior positions at LookSmart including Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Senior Vice President of Product since January 2001 and… read more