All Things Upwork

Our favorite blog this month was John Cow’s description of his first ventures onto oDesk. For a neophyte buyer, he sure has an intuitive understanding of the process. His first post (stay tuned for more) describes posting jobs, interviewing and using small test gigs to find the best programmer for a longer-term project. Wisely, he knows better than to merely seek the cheapest provider:

I will then cross check the cost per hour, quality and time to come up with my best candidate… The winner may not be the cheapest or fastest, but instead will be the person that has the best balance of all three.

Welcome aboard, John!

Over at, Kate Lister posts about having done a radio interview in which she defended the viability of remote work to a hyperkinetic on-air host. She talked about how oDesk can assuage an employer’s fears over accountability, and notes in the blog post that those fears are every bit as much at play regarding in-house staff. She makes a great case that it’s not in-house work versus remote work—it’s just work, and technology shapes it regardless of venue.

Tiara Mejos is an oDesk provider who blogs happily about the arrival of her oDesk Payoneer card. She gives a quick discussion of the merits of Payoneer and PayPal, especially in dealing with exchange rates in her native Philippines. Most of her oDesk work is as a writer, and we’ll tell you one thing—she knows how to write a catchy headline.

Michael Fauscette, a vice president at tech-economy analyst house IDC, took time on his personal blog to turn a “startup spotlight” on oDesk. Writing for an audience that likes to take a business model apart and really understand how it works, he gave oDesk a quick but thorough once-over, and we fared pretty well:

  So why do I like them?…if you couldn’t guess, this is the most complete and elegantly executed staffing solution I have seen.

Thanks, Kate, Tiara, and Michael!

Lastly, how could we not love a blog post that’s titled I am very proud about being a provider with oDesk? Eliza describes how when she was becoming very worried about mounting bills, a friend suggested she sign up for oDesk. She says she quickly landed her first job, and as far as money worries go, well, her latest post is about buying a new washing machine. So congratulations to a successful new provider!

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