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November 24, 2008 by Guest Blogger

Job Karma

After being out of work for six months, I had the pleasure and good fortune to meet Tory Johnson, a remarkable woman in person and as wonderful as you would expect and hope her to be. Tory shared her job karma with me and inspired me to share it with others.

Tory Johnson is the Workplace Contributor for ABC’s Good Morning America. She is also the founder and CEO of Women For Hire, the only producer of recruiting events for women. She is a bestselling author, with her most recent book being Will Work From Home: Earn the Cash – Without the Commute, co-authored with Robyn Freedman Spizman.

Our meeting transpired from a series of events that occurred, or rather didn’t occur, after I was laid off from my job. I thought it would be no problem to get another job, regardless of the economy as I am the eternal optimist. However, month after month passed by without getting gainful employment. I was frustrated and scared.

One morning, I took a break from job searching and sat down to watch Good Morning America. There was Tory Johnson, speaking about an expo coming my way called Women For Hire. I was unable to attend, so I got on my computer and wrote Tory a letter. Tory responded, asking if I had ever tried working from home. My response was that the online jobs I had checked into were bogus so, no, I wasn’t a fan of the idea. She told me she knew of some legitimate companies and asked if I would check them out and see what developed.

The rest is history. I contacted oDesk and two other companies, did the footwork, took relevant tests and ended up with my first online job. I’ve become a huge fan of oDesk! I truly can’t say enough about it. The people who work at oDesk are remarkable and very helpful! It’s a dream come true. I love the flexibility. There is a plethora of choices of jobs. I plan on working with oDesk for a long, long while. A whole new world has opened up for me.

Tory asked me if I believe in job karma. I thought for a moment, and said yes. I believe when you put forth your best effort, no matter the circumstances surrounding you, good things WILL happen. I’m very happy with my newfound work, and to put it mildly, I feel like I’ve been let out of a box and I struck gold. I made a promise to help others in need, to guide them with how to attain online jobs, to let them know there really is light at the end of the tunnel. And, I extend that invitation to everyone out there. Help someone! We’re all in this together! Reach out to someone in need. I feel it is my duty to assist others because I was guided by Tory, who in my book is an angel in a human body. That’s karma and it is also my responsibility as a human being.

Cheryl Ludwig
Guest blogger