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Hey, check out this month’s buzz: Prolific blogger and oDesk user Doreen Martel talks up oDesk quite often on her “Freelancing and More” blog. Read her latest posts, including a four-point discussion about keeping your portfolio current, and keeping it targeted toward the kind of work you want to get. If you haven’t updated your portfolio lately (and even if you have), take a look at her advice. And while you’re there, read “Why oDesk” for some great thoughts about the value of our marketplace to the enterprising freelancer.

ArleneProvider Arlene Cuares blogs from the Philippines about a recent trip to an impoverished rural province, where she contributed two weeks of oDesk earnings to those who’d otherwise have no food, let alone presents, on Christmas — and this despite having not much money to spare herself. Arlene describes having needed such holiday food giveaways herself as a child.

I am paying it forward now. Thanks to oDesk for making this possible. Had it not been for oDesk, I wouldn’t be earning a decent income online and wouldn’t have the chance to save up for this charity work. Thanks to all my previous and present oDesk buyers.

Arlene has our admiration for her selflessness, and our hope that she’s even more successful on oDesk in 2009!

Adam Viener provides a few examples of small tasks he’s had done effectively and efficiently via oDesk providers. It’s a nice window into the experience of a new buyer finding ways to improve his business through oDesk.

Over at, Marc Javellana posts a couple blogs about using oDesk — one that discusses (and comprehensively links to) the rising tide of non-programming jobs in our ever-growing marketplace, and one that talks about using oDesk’s metrics to determine how to set your own hourly rate. Smart, useful stuff, Marc—thanks!

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