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Have you heard the buzz? Let’s take a look at the latest online discussion of oDesk.

Our favorite oDesk-related blog post this month is Rebecca Hayden’s explanation of how she fell into oDesk, from being motivated to sign up to please one client to letting her “oDesk days” expand until they were the source of most of her earnings.

Who else said something buzzworthy?

Daniel Gansle offers a step-by-step explanation of how oDesk works that’s perfect for sharing with anyone you need to make understand how our workteam marketplace works.

Jeremy Martin takes on some criticism of oDesk — the difficulty of competing against providers in countries with much lower costs of living — and talks about how he has taken action to get jobs and steadily increase his rate, rather than sitting around moping about it.

Abel Mohler presents his tale of oDesk success, which he sums up best here: “Yes, I never write invoices. I have a service which does all of that for me. I never take money up-front, am always paid on time, every week, and do everything by the hour. In addition, I am pretty much free to set my own hours. Also, despite the current economic slowdown, my earnings have increased, and my future prospects seem bright.”

And over at, they announce the formation of the oDesk Drupal Group. Get the full lowdown from the Drupal site.

Thanks to everyone who posts about their oDesk experience (for a shot at a T-shirt, send your link to!), and here’s hoping all our prospects stay bright!

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