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assembla-logo-subheadAs anyone who manages a large distributed team will tell you, the complexities of managing and paying  your team grow with the team’s size.  Teams building more sophisticated software have needs particular to software development including things like how you protect and manage your source code and how you track tickets and bugs.  These tools are critical to successful larger software development efforts.

oDesk is proud to offer integrated Bugzilla and SVN repositories with every Team Room, but we know that some oDesk buyers and provider companies want more control over their repositories and may prefer other tools.  To help satisfy some of this demand and give those of you that want more options, we’re excited to announce today that we’ve partnered with Assembla.  Assembla offers Subversion and Git code repositories enhanced with an integrated code browser, “view as web page” mockup rendering, email alerts, and fine-grain permissions through a Teams panel.  Assembla itself is the product of a distributed team and their suite of tools enables of lot of software development best-practices that we think are important to long-term success.

As part of the partnership, Assembla is incorporating oDesk provider search into their application, so we’d also like to welcome Assembla users to oDesk!

Brian Goler


Brian Goler served as Vice President of Marketing at oDesk. Brian has more than 15 years of management experience spanning several online community and publishing businesses. Brian co-founded and launched YorZ, an online community dedicated to helping people advance their careers. He held several senior positions at LookSmart including Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Senior Vice President of Product since January 2001 and… read more