All Things Upwork

We have rolled out a brand-new Time Analyze report. We’ve basically taken the two old reports (Work Analyze and Time Analyze), combined them, and thrown in a few new features. For example, providers now have access to individual Time Analyze reports to check out their stats across assignments. And staffing managers get their much-requested combined view of all their affiliated contractors. Try it out and tell us what you think!

Who can see these reports?
Visibility of reports depends on the team privileges you have. Hiring managers can see hours and charges for their teams, Team members can see only the hours, Providers can see their own hours across all their teams. Staffing managers can see hours and charges for their all the assignments they have staffed.

How do I use reports?
On to the Manage & Work > Reports Time Analyze tab.

  1. Select the role for which you want reports
  2. Select whether you want your report to be grouped by day, week or month
  3. Select the time period over which you want reports (jump to providers some useful options like “last payroll period”)
  4. Select the columns to show and sort the data using the column headings to create the report you want

For example: If you are a staffing manager and you want to see how many hours your affiliated contractors worked by company in the last payroll period,

  1. Select a “staffing manager” report
  2. Choose to report by week
  3. Jump to “last payroll period”
  4. Remove all columns besides “company”

The resulting report will show one column showing the total number of hours for each company.

Similarly, Buyers can create: estimated charges by week, hours worked in each team, hours worked by a single provider across all teams. Staffing managers can view charges by company, charges by provider, hours by team. Providers can view the hours they have worked by company they worked for, and can also summarize the total number of hours they worked across all teams.

Why does the report say “beta”?
Unfortunately, the current report only shows hours worked in an assignment, and we cannot display memos. We are working to fix this, but for the moment you would need to use “Classic Time Analyze”. We are also actively making other improvements in the area of reporting so please give us your feedback on what you would like to see.

What improvements are planned?
We are planning on adding:

  • Filtering
  • Permanent URLs
  • Memos
  • And more…

Let us know which reports would help you in our Community Forums!