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Some would say we’re biased, but it’s a simple fact: There are two kinds of people in the world—those who use oDesk and those who don’t. Since the percentage of people who do use oDesk is increasing every day … well, who wants to be left on the wrong side of history, right?

To make the oDesk value proposition clearer, in a way that doesn’t use phrases like “value proposition,” we’ve put together a short video that explains exactly what oDesk is and how we provide the best remote-work solution for both buyers and providers. We’re trying to serve two audiences: People who haven’t joined up yet, and people who have, but are tired of explaining to friends, family and colleagues how oDesk works. Now you can just send ’em the video link, and two and a half minutes later, they’re on board.

We’re particularly proud that we put this thing together in-house—only we consider the entire oDesk provider network to be our house. Produced by me with the help of oDesk’s Larry Stone, the script (Brian McDonough), video animation (Bill Whitney), voice work (Mandy Nelson) and sound effects (Jeffrey Stevens) were handled by oDesk providers who put a lot of creativity and effort into the process. We think it shows in the final product. Give it a look and tell us what you think. And share it with everyone you know.

Orie Zaklad

P.S. You can also view the video and share it on YouTube

Orie Zaklad

Co-Founder and Head of Marketing at The Marc Lavry Heritage Foundation

Orie Zaklad is the Co-Founder and Head of Marketing at The Marc Lavry Heritage Foundation. He formerly served as Senior Marketing Manager at oDesk.