All Things Upwork

Last week we had somewhat of a coup with our “25 Writers You Should Follow on Twitter” Post. We got it out and it enjoyed over a week of twitter traffic based upon hundreds of retweets, some from the royalty of Twitter.


Analysis of the article and the manner in which it spread reveals the following:

1. It was a list post: Minimal search on the web finds plenty of evidence to back up the fact that lists posts are not only popular but highly “bookmarkable”. Problogger’s own Darren Rowse recently made the case for the list post and it held up here. One other point to note from experience is that naming a list with a number “Top 25 …” as opposed to “Top ….” Also seem to be more attractive.
2. It was about Twitter: Tweeps love Twitter and love to talk about Twitter. This is in itself an indicator of the health of this social network – the users promote and defend it. This is not to say that you can’t go viral on Twitter without talking about Twitter, but it helps. A look at gives you a look at how much the topic of Twitter is a popular topic on Twitter.


The subject of Twitter is a topic common to all Tweeps so, as a topic, has a great chance of success on the platform.

3. It was a good article: Yes, self praise is no praise but Danalyn, who sculpted the piece, spent a lot of time actually finding good writers and really looking for quality. She spent the time and effort to find not only quality writers but make the case as the why these writers were on the list. Some of the comments on the article and on retweets showed that people were appreciative of the article for its quality. Content is indeed king.
4. We made friends: The article complimented a lot of good, popular people (and deservedly so). So we received either tweets from them or the followers who know, appreciate and respect them. Many, many tweets were congratulations from the followers of our top 25 thereby spreading the story further.
5. Some power tweeps found it: All of the above contributed to this happening but to not acknowledge the value of the tweets from @zaibatsu, @guykawasaki and other well connected and respected tweeps would be a sin. It would appear @zaibatsu found us via retweets and @guykawasaki found it by the site.

That would seem to be it. Social media for the most part is based on getting what you give and it played out here. Danalyn wrote an article that was well researched, on a topic of interest to Twitter, in a popular format and the article made us lots of friends.