All Things Upwork

There’s plenty of online buzz about oDesk again this month. We love it when experienced providers offer their wisdom for newer arrivals, and this month our favorite post in that category was Lisa C, whose “Slightly Skewed Blogging” included a look at the things she’d do differently if she were starting over again at oDesk–and the things she’d do exactly the same. She offers some great advice to novice and journeyman providers.


Now this is just cool: GigaOM blogger Stacey Higginbotham has included oDesk on a list of “Five Companies That Should Be on Dell’s Shopping List.” After only five years in business, we should be tops on Dell Computer’s radar? We’re flattered. Hey, maybe in five more years, you’ll see Dell on the list of “Five Companies oDesk Should Buy” …

Last month, Micah Lacsamana offered part one of her extensive look at how to fill out an oDesk profile. Here’s part two–and thanks again, Micah, for giving back to the oDesk community! In a similar vein, Fia C. offers “How to Complete or Revamp Your oDesk Profile.” Check ’em both out for clever tips that can really pay off.

Lastly, we just launched a new program in which we rank our best providers each month.
See our best designers, software developers, web developers, writers, and virtual assistants who get to show off their oDesk badge.

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