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We are pleased to announce a new program in which we will rank our 25 best providers in each of 5 categories each month. We have over 250,000 providers on oDesk, but these ones stood out as the cream of the crop this month, as they performed the most hours of work with the highest feedback rating. They have been given special badges recognizing their achievement.

oDesk Buyers, you might want to get in touch with these providers soon…they just completed assignments and are available now, but probably won’t be for long. Click on their profile to check out their work and contact them for an interview!

May’s Top 25 Freelance Designers were:
Waleed S., Juan Carlos Susano, Sherwin D., Jorge Puntriano, Dan C., Oleh Bochulyak, Alejandro Anillo, Pablo Gosso, Abigail Lim, Grace C., Red Guevarra, Erick Medina, Jonathan Antonio, Sally C., Linda Massie, Mike P., Larry M., Hadi S., Pavle Borovac, Ramesh Raj, Philip M., Marie F.,Mike P., Jamie Mcdaniel, Lateralcreativa Team
May’s Top 25 Freelance Software Developers were:
Lead M., Sandeep Garg, Vivek Agrawal, Muhammad Hassan Nasr, Jagdeep Chawla [Smartdata], Nishil J., Oleh Myhaylovych, Pawan Vir, Vladimir R., Reddy K., Anirban P., Sugiarto U., Veer Singh, Zhang K., Balvinder Singh, Vadim Eremeev, Sergei L., Igor Rikhard, Dzmitry K., Alexander D., Denis E., Alex Dunaitsev, Goran P., Arv R., Vinayak Kankanwadi
May’s Top 25 Freelance Web Developers were:
Valentin S., Ali I., Ajeet S., Mujeeb R., Eugene P., Mantas M., Yashdeep G., Yura Klesov, Nick N., Deepak D., Abderazzak A., Param Inder Singh, Harmesh S., Dmitry Feduleev, Danil K., Qaiser M., C J., Alexey H., Valery V., Julian M., David R., Chetan P., Garry B., Yuri V., Sajid H.
May’s Top 25 Freelance Writers were:
Cesar P., Ashraf K., Sylvia Edwards Davis, Harpal Singh, Irene B., Jae R., Antonio S., Karen V., Marcy Aldridge, Tamara Bentzur, Sushil S., Ashish Totade, Travis B., Susan C., Edward D., Robin S., Cinzia A., Betsy Pickering, Kimberly B., Lilia Carone, Dhikra A Dean, Danielle A., Yolly P., Zelda Bezuidenhout , Courtney G
May’s Top 25 Virtual Assistants were:
Andrew Goodhand, Chrystal Threeton, Jo-Ahn Mabelo, Rochelle A., Sony Klm, Saleha Akter, Sandura K., Steve Carlson, Kuldeep S., Anna Marie Ortinero-Onate, Maritess P., Janice Alcantara, Rose Sebua, Heshantha Fernando, Lucero Contreras, Chakki E., Mary R., Devi D, Nadia M., Mary H., Minhaz P., Amy Lopez, David Man Dhanjal Solution, Jose Carlos A Pires, Paul De Wouters

These rankings will be generated each month, and stored in the oConomy under “Rankings.”  June Rankings will be published on July 1. Congratulations again!

Amit Bakshi

Vice President of Marketing at LawPivot

Amit Bakshi is the Vice President of Marketing at LawPivot. He formerly served as Product Marketing Manager for oDesk.