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With the current recession in a constant state of flux, today we are going to look at the various skills that have remained robust through these challenging economic times – and those that look to have an strong future. These statistics are based upon oDesk’s own trends pages. When viewing these trends, keep in mind, we are experiencing some overall growth ourselves – so the up-trending graphs will show more growth than average for the skill and the down-trending (or flat) graphs will exhibit more decline than we show.

Computerweekly has some telling statistics that would seem to back us up with respect to PHP and Dotnet (we did notice a drop in Dotnet developer demand in the early year but it has since picked up).

Anyway, on to the numbers!

iPhone Development

As you can see, iPhone development maintained strong growth through the whole of last year, with only a slight decline in the most recent months.

Twitter Application Development

Meteoric would be the only way to describe the growth of demand for those with skills to develop for this latest social networking craze, much like the growth of the service itself.


While not a development or design skill, writing has continued a steady strong growth through the last year.


.NET continues its growth and shows continuous steady increasing demand, after pulling out of its end of 2008 slump.


While not much growth, the quantity of demand shows PHP will be around for a long while – and the developers who provide it will remain employed for the foreseeable future.


Showing decent range and stable upward trend, Javascript skills are reliably in-demand.


Photoshop skills also continue to grow nicely and maintain a nice range.


Ability to develop for WordPress is a very nice expanding market and any PHP freelancer would do well to have it on his resume.


Another specialist platform that a freelance developer would do well to have on his or her resume. Not a great range, but a healthy trend.

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