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Each month we like to highlight 4 providers who’ve received exemplary feedback. Great job Bernard, Julian, Sarah and Maria Norma — you’ve earned this!


Bernard V (Affiliated with BI Competence Center)
Business Plans, Spreadsheet Modeling, Simulation & Optimization
Total oDesk Hours: 769
Overall Feedback: 4.95 (Based on 20 feedbacks)
Comments: Bernard was an awesome asset to our programming project. When tweaks were required along the way, Bernard was responsive and accurate with his work. His knowledge base of excel and his ability to communicate and provide solutions is superb.
Julian M
Qualified IT Professional | PHP, CodeIgniter, jQuery, Java
Total oDesk Hours: 1,781
Overall Feedback: 4.91 (Based on 12 feedbacks)
Comments: This has been one of my top experiences on a web development project anywhere. This guy is truly talented and his love for the craft of web design/development shows through his work and attitude. Thanks Julian!
Sarah W
Excellent English, Veterinarian, Freelance Writer
Total oDesk Hours: 49
Overall Feedback: 5.00 (Based on 4 feedbacks)
Comments: Sarah is the best! If you are looking for well-thought, researched content that is actually worth something, Sarah is hard to beat. Hire her, pay her well and spoil her rotten!
Maria Norma G (Affiliated with Galindo Consulting Group, Inc.)
Semiologic Pro/Drupal/Html/Css/Php/Wordpress/Photoshop CS3/Dreamweaver
Total oDesk Hours: 670
Overall Feedback: 4.96 (Based on 12 feedbacks)
Comments: Maria has been working with me for over 5 months on several assignments and has been absolutely wonderful to work with. She is fast, consistent and excellent at completing assignments on time.

Spotlight Providers must have earned a 4.5+ feedback score with a glowing comment on an assignment in the past month, have a 4.0+ overall feedback score, an impressive profile, and a high quality individual portrait (not too blurry, no avatars). Only oDesk Ready public profiles are eligible.