All Things Upwork

Today we are going to look at the some of the interesting creations that have graced the iPhone App Store. Whether popular or not, these oddities stand out above the rest.

Annoy A Teen


It gets points for honesty in advertising. Apparently teenagers hear high frequencies that the rest of us do not and use of this app will irritate them thoroughly.



I’ll spare you the explanation. Needless to say, the value this app provides to mankind is immeasurable.

Hello Cow!


It has a cow, that moos at you. Vital!

Hold On


Hold on to the button as long as you can. Compete against yourself, compete against the world, prove to everyone you’ve got the stamina to out hold them all!



Here is a disaster waiting to happen. The premise here is that you are out on the town, drunk, and want nothing more than to call up someone and have a conversation. This handy app will randomly select a friend or date from your contacts list and dial for you – no need to trouble yourself with deciding between your boss and “that girl” to determine who is more worthy of hearing your slurred speech!

Zits and Giggles


For those who enjoy this sort of thing. Uh … yeah.

That’s What She Said Pro


The easy way to come up with a response for anything and everything.

There you have it. If you like developing iPhone apps, there may be inspiration above.  As always, post missed gems in the comments.