All Things Upwork

Every month, we highlight the most interesting discussions online of what we modestly call the oDesk Experience. Our favorite writers receive free oDesk T-shirts, which are so ridiculously fabulous, we don’t have words. (Send us links to your oDesk-related posts, and you might win one yourself.) Since our last check-in, there have been quite a few interesting blog entries about oDesk.

Paulette Quinto - Student, runway model, oDesk Provider!Our favorite? Student, runway model, and new oDesk provider Paulette Quinto’s blog post describing her first three weeks on oDesk. It’s just one of several posts about her oDesk adventures. We’re assuming she’s really gonna know how to wear that stylish black T-shirt…

We run across an awful lot of blog posts about the life of a provider—Katrine Sales provides a great one here—but this month we’ve got a fine piece for the buyers out there—headlined “How to Hire a Virtual Assistant,” it provides a lot of tips about how to hire a remote provider to take over all that clutter that keeps you from doing what you need to get done. It’s a fast-growing niche in our marketplace, so check out the tips and get on board now!

If you’ve been buzy buzzing too maybe you’ll be featured here on the oDesk blog next month! Send us your links for a shot at those T-shirts—they’re so cool, even models are wearing them now.