All Things Upwork

Each month we like to highlight 4 providers who’ve received exemplary feedback. Great job Christopher, Stacy, Oleksii, and Daniela — you’ve earned this!


Christopher M
Flash Ninja/Actionscript Assassin! AS3/AS2/XML/HTML/CSS
Total oDesk Hours: 188
Overall Feedback: 5.00 (Based on 1 feedbacks)
Comments: The perfect developer: Highly skilled, fast, accurate with timeframe estimates, passionate, pays attention to details. Chris is a pleasure to work with.
Stacy C
Web Development, Design, Consulting, HTML, CSS, Joomla, Writer/Editor
Total oDesk Hours: 17
Overall Feedback: 5.00 (Based on 6 feedbacks)
Comments: Your work was excellent, thorough and complete. I appreciate what I learned from you in our close communication and I am delighted with the outcome.
Oleksii M (Affiliated with RusCoder)
Total oDesk Hours: 730
Overall Feedback: 4.72 (Based on 3 feedbacks)
Comments: His coding abilities are excellent, his code is clean and well documented, and he is very good at finding solutions to problems. All around, Oleksii is top notch.
Daniela D
Professional Graphic Designer specialized in Print Design
Total oDesk Hours: 0
Overall Feedback: 5.00 (Based on 7 feedbacks)
Comments: Truly wonderful designer and a pleasure to work with… So creative! Thank you Daniela! I would work with her on any assignment!

Spotlight Providers must have earned a 4.5+ feedback score with a glowing comment on an assignment in the past month, have a 4.0+ overall feedback score, an impressive profile, and a high quality individual portrait (not too blurry, no avatars). Only oDesk Ready public profiles are eligible.