The Way We Work
September 23, 2009 by Henry Walker


I was on the road last Thursday, after a Client meeting, and I had an oDesk conference call in 3 minutes. I pulled over at the nearest strip mall, parked, pulled out my iPhone and dialed into the meeting just as someone on the call said:

“OK, I just e-mailed out the agenda. Everyone please let me know when you have it open”

So I muted the call, and pressed the home button on the iPhone, which switched me back to the main menu (the call remained connected).


Then I launched the E-mail app, and found the e-mail containing the meeting agenda. I was able to open the MS Word Document and view the agenda while still on the call.

Very cool….

About two minutes in, someone on the call asked me a question:

“Henry, are you available next Tuesday at 2:00? “

So I tapped the yellow bar at the top to switch back to the call, unmuted it, then pressed the home button, launched my Google Mobile app (review, review) and pulled up my Google Calendar.

“Yeah, I’m free. Want me to go ahead and send out the meeting invite?”

I created a new event, invited attendees, and sent the request out with just a few swipes of the finger. No sooner than I did that, I got an incoming call from a Friend, so I switched back to the phone, and with one click was able to put the conference call on hold while I took the new inbound call.

“Hey, I’m on a conference call, can you text me?”

I hung up the phone, and switched back to the MS Word Document, and a few seconds later I got a pop-up window with a text message:

“Hey want to meet for drinks later?”odesk2

So I responded affirmatively, wrapped up the conference call, and then:

All in a days work, and in the palm of my hand!
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