The Way We Work

With freelancing and remote work, the ability to give a visual presentation adds a lot to the efficiency to handle the tasks at hand. While communication technology has come a long way, sometimes phone calls, emails, and screenshots just don’t cut it. When you need the feel of an in-person presentation, you not only have to think logistics and distance, but also the cost and the environmental impact on having someone “come in”. We’ve investigated some of the options for free web conferencing – an easy alternative to the in-person meeting.



Yugma offers their application free for up to 20 attendees to your meeting and all the standard bells and whistles are provided. Yugma runs on Windows, Linux and Mac.

They even have a handy dandy Skype plugin:


DimDim has all the usual features too and also offers the first 20 attendees free. DimDim needs no install which is a nice feature. This one is interesting in that they offer their software as open source for anyone who wishes to build their own.

Here is a demo from the chief designer:


Vyew also does not require any installation as it is browser based. Vyew has a nice feature in that it is persistent so if you cannot get everyone together at once, the meeting lives on where others can come in later and edit/collaborate.

Here is an intro video to give you the details:

All are roughly similar on the basics but they emphasizing different features for more specific needs – try them all to find the one that’s the best fit for you!