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September 21, 2009 by Erica Benton

So, you’re one of the lucky ones who has weathered the economic downturn and has held on to your full-time gig. Unfortunately, thanks to mandatory furloughs and benefit cutbacks, that full-time work may now have part-time pay. Here’s some areas we’ve seen that offer opportunities for non-technical professionals to boost their income with online work:


Say “Hire Me” in multiple tongues. For the multi-lingual among us, translation jobs are a great way to keep your language skills sharp while feeding your piggybank. With nearly 500 active translation jobs in a variety of languages – and more openings getting listed every day – you know translators are in demand!

Do you speak legalease? Congrats are in order if you do – legal jobs are one area where business is booming and there are plenty of opportunities to earn some extra money writing contracts, doing legal research, or providing advice to young businesses.

Pitch us! As companies tighten their belts, the budget for PR jobs gets tight. But there are opportunities for folks with the right skills to save the day by providing freelance press release writing, event coordination or strategy consultation.

Content is STILL king… There’s opportunities for people in a wide range of fields to write articles for print and web use. If you have free time, mad writing “skillz” (and know enough not to use the word “skillz” in your professional writing), you should check out some of the blog & article writing jobs.

Got other ideas for part-time freelance work? What are you doing to make extra money this fall?

Erica Benton

Social Media Guru

Erica Benton joined oDesk in 2009, bringing with her nearly a decade of small business and freelance experience, and a love of all things social. Her passion for startups, technology and marketing was born during her tenure with Kulesa Faul Public Relations, while she learned the art of entrepreneurship firsthand through Equine Alternatives, a business she founded while earning her Bachelor of Science degree from… read more