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September 8, 2009 by Amit Bakshi


Last week we were fortunate to be invited to the fbFund REV incubator program’s demo day.  For the past 12 weeks, 22 startups with facebook apps were educated, mentored, housed, and funded with up to $100,000 by fbFund (a joint venture by Facebook, Founder’s Fund, and Accel Partners).  We liked what we saw – these startups were innovative, scrappy, and entrepreneurial, and in fact reminded us a lot of oDesk buyers. We wanted to do our part to help out, so we decided to roll up our sleeves to help them find the very best talent on oDesk.

We’re pleased to announce that 7 of the 22 fbFund startups have agreed to take our offer, and we’re in the midst of helping them build online workteams on oDesk!  The teams (and newest oDesk buyers) are:


Funji is a mobile virtual community for the iPhone and iPod touch, satisfying users’ desire to express themselves and communicate with others in a fun, creative way in mobile devices. The team has more than five years of experience in the mobile market in both South Korea and the US.


Gameyola is a distribution and monetization platform for casual Flash games. Flash games currently monetize poorly, but Gameyola solves this problem by providing Flash developers tools to sell virtual goods and to acquire users through social channels.


From keeping track of your kids to protecting your identity and getting back your lost stuff, Life360 is the place you go to keep your family safe, secure, and prepared for daily life.


Churches create their own social networks on They extend their community between Sundays with tools to connect and engage their members. Over 30,000 church congregations are represented on


Simplify the way you manage Facebook and other social networks through your email inbox. NutshellMail consolidates activity from all your accounts into a single email digest delivered on your schedule. Don’t let email alerts clutter your inbox. NutshellMail keeps you connected and productive at the same time.


Combines the success of resident referral programs with the power of social networks. Residents refer their community to friends through social networks like Facebook, and email to earn rewards and live with friends.


RUNmyERRAND is a social networking inspired web and mobile marketplace that provides people and businesses an easy and trusted way to get everyday tasks done in their own hyperlocal community.

We think oDesk is a great fit for companies like these to access talent anywhere in the world, scale their teams up & down as needed, and save as much as 80% on labor costs. All of these companies need to remain lean and agile on their paths towards profitability, and using oDesk to hire, manage, and pay remote contractors is a great way to do just that.  We wish them all the best as they continue along their entrepreneurial journeys!

Amit Bakshi

Vice President of Marketing at LawPivot

Amit Bakshi is the Vice President of Marketing at LawPivot. He formerly served as Product Marketing Manager for oDesk.