All Things Upwork

Each month we like to highlight 4 providers who’ve received exemplary feedback. Great job Alexey, Beverly, Misha and Tamara — you’ve earned this!


Alexey Z
C/C++ Technical Lead
Total oDesk Hours: 217
Overall Feedback: 5.00 (Based on 1 feedbacks)
Comments: I would like to stress his ability to deliver work right on time, as you dont see this too often. His communication skills were excellent, and he could quickly understand my needs.
Beverly B
MarCom and Administrative Assistance by Seasoned Professional
Total oDesk Hours: 101
Overall Feedback: 5.00 (Based on 1 feedbacks)
Comments: Beverly was a great provider. She had all the right tools and helped us on our webinars, PowerPoints, and content creation projects. Thanks!
Misha B (Affiliated with UACoders)
Total oDesk Hours: 1,289
Overall Feedback: 4.62 (Based on 14 feedbacks)
Comments: Misha is a talented and capable developer with an in-depth knowledge of Drupal. He is a pleasure to work with and a valuable part of our development team.
Tamara B
2400+ oDesk HRS-90WPM Transcribe, Transcription (audio/video)
Total oDesk Hours: 2,440
Overall Feedback: 5.00 (Based on 41 feedbacks)
Comments: I have been working with Tamara for over 1 year now. I have never been so happy with a service provider! She gets the job done fast, accurate, and loves what she does.