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September 15, 2009 by Amit Bakshi

Yesterday we announced the oDesk Challenge at TechCrunch50 – and we’ve already received some great questions about what exactly we’re doing for venture-backed startups. Today’s post introduces the process and the oDesk team who will be by your side throughout it.

Once a venture-backed company signs up as an oDesk buyer and posts its first job, our team takes over. Just let us know you want to take part in the oDesk Challenge, and we’ll get to work – starting with a brief phone call with you to understand what skills you’re looking for. We’ll then handle sourcing & interviewing candidates for you, and serve up the top 3 candidates for your job within a week.

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One of these ‘oDesk Challenge’ account managers will find the top 3 candidates for your job

Amit Bakshi

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Rebecca Daneault

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Josh Breinlinger

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Customer Service

  • 22,000 oDesk providers
  • Interact with your customers via phone, email, and chat
  • Hourly Rates $4-15

Graphic Designers

  • 87,000 oDesk providers
  • Do your HTML, CSS, and offline graphic design
  • Average Hourly Rates $10-30

SEO/SMM Experts

  • 43,000 oDesk providers
  • Blog writers, social media account managers, and SEO linkbuilders
  • Average Hourly Rates: $8-30

Amit Bakshi

Vice President of Marketing at LawPivot

Amit Bakshi is the Vice President of Marketing at LawPivot. He formerly served as Product Marketing Manager for oDesk.