All Things Upwork

The blog buzz really picked the past few weeks! Our favorite was Duncan Riley’s—it’s not often that a buyer takes the time away from his business to post a thoughtful discussion of how oDesk providers make his life easier and his business more successful, but Duncan has done just that. It’s worth a read, especially if you’re interested in the invaluable art of the virtual assistant.

On the provider side, Bangladeshi blogger Tamal Anwar has done a very nice overview of the oDesk experience, with great tips for newbies. A number of providers in the Philippines have commented on the note we sent to Filipino users in the wake of the flooding that has done so much damage there. We’re just glad to see so many of our providers coming online to say they’re okay!

As always, if you’re blogging (or posting on other people’s sites) about the glories of oDesk, send the link to, because for up to five of our favorites each month, there’s an oDesk T-shirt!