All Things Upwork

It was a pleasure to attend last Tuesday’s JuicePitcher event and see the finalist’s pitches.  These startups are creating some impressive offerings.  We’re also excited to announce we’ve extended our oDesk Challenge to all of them.  We’re going to roll up our sleeves to help them find the very best talent oDesk has to offer.

Our sincere congratulations goes out to the winner,, a marketplace for local work.  Not only do we think Thumbtack offers an innovative service, but we were pleasantly surprised to learn that they are already a happy oDesk buyer!  Thumbtack uses oDesk providers to review all of the job posts on their site, to make sure they meet the community standards.  According to Marco Zappacosta, CEO of Thumbtack, “the quality and timeliness of the work has impressed [him] every step of the way.”

The ten finalists (and latest oDesk Challenge takers) are:

Thumbtack is a free way to find new clients and manage the ones you already have. Just post your service once, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Viralogy is the Social Media Rank that measures how influential everyone is on the internet based on a variety of social media metrics. You can think of them as Analytics for people, not websites.

Cloudmach’s disruptive technology renders the 3D world in a cloud and delivers immersive 3D graphics to Web browsers using AJAX. That allows the technology to ubiquitously integrate into social networks, leveraging existing social graphs.

IDNTITI is a social rating tool that allows you to add questions and parameters to the questionnaire or feedback form, thus allowing you to get precise and objective feedback from the entire community.

A team of professionals with a passion for innovative businesses that improve communities. In their ranks are car sharing veterans who founded the first car sharing company in the United States; experienced technologists responsible for novel ways to leverage data; and sharp business minds from the top schools and premier companies around the globe. All coming together to make a difference for the community and the environment. Join them as they Reinvent the Wheels.

TribeVibe aggregates social media publishing tools, traffic tools, URL shorteners and real-time search into what founders are describing as a “social media mixing deck”.

Waiting in line wastes your customers’ time and costs you money. QLess is a patent-pending, interactive service that lets your customers use their cell phones to hold their spots in line. The average American spends over 2 waking years of his life waiting in line. Wouldn’t your customers love it if you could help them get some of that time back? Set them free from the line and get them spending, not standing.

HearPlanet delivers location information that really speaks to you. It’s like having a professional tour guide always by your side.  Leave those bulky tour books behind and let HearPlanet show you the way. They make it easy to find what you’re looking for – fast!

Spreezio is a free location-based consumer service designed to bring local shoppers,
merchants, and sales reps together through on-demand personalized deals where everyone wins.
All you need is an Apple iPhone or a PC. Signup is quick and requires no download to your PC.

Their advance rental software allows business to track inventory and manage
reservations from anywhere.  Plus, consumers can book items straight from your site.

We look forward to helping these companies do more with less on oDesk!