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Job Search ResultsThe job search results page has undergone a major redesign that makes it easier to find the quality jobs you’re looking for.

So what’s all the fuss about?

  • Looks: The page is now easily scanned from top-to-bottom highlighting the important details about a job. Focusing on only the most necessary information it lets you quickly identify the jobs that are the best fit.
  • Search criteria: A clear and detailed display of the selected search criteria  The controls to modify your search are kept out of the way until needed so you can focus on the jobs themselves.
  • Modify Search: Job posts are now searchable by specific skills as well as generic keywords.
  • Buyer details: Easy-to-read icons denote buyer activity and feedback scores at a glance. Full details are found by mousing-over the icons.
  • Filter sidebar: An adjustable criteria display that narrows down search results by category, sub-category and Groups.

This is just a first step and we will continue making improvements to the job search pages in the next few months.
Please share your feedback and suggestions for ongoing improvement in the comments.

If you have any enhancement ideas please share them with us in our new feedback forum.

Sean Kane

Vice President of Engineering at Upwork

An expert at leading globally distributed teams, Sean Kane is the VP of engineering at Upwork, where he previously led the marketplace product and design teams. Before joining Upwork, Sean was director of UI engineering at Netflix and held leadership roles at AltaVista and Bigvine. He co-founded the startup GetListed. Sean holds a BS in computer information systems from California State University, Chico.