All Things Upwork

We’re happy to announce a few small, yet important changes to the group profiles.

We launched groups several months ago in order to give providers a way to differentiate themselves based on their expertise and give buyers a way to find the experts. Groups are like little expert marketplaces within the overall oDesk network.

group changes

So what’s new?
Each group now features new metrics designed to highlight its quality and success:

  • Group member average rates and average feedback
  • Overall oDesk average rates and feedback
  • Total number of jobs posted to the group
  • RSS feed of recent job posts to the group

And we’ve cleaned up some of the interface to display group members in a clearer format. We hope you like the changes.

We’re also happy to have some great partners on board as sponsors of groups, including Yahoo!, Network Solutions, Joomla!, Drupal,, Intuit, Zend, and many more.

Josh Breinlinger

Senior Associate at Sigma Partners

Josh joined Sigma as a Senior Associate in 2010, bringing six years of startup experience building exceptional teams, products, and communities. He has a black-belt in online marketing and a strong track record of success in user acquisition and retention. Prior to joining Sigma, Josh was the Director of Product and Marketing at AdRoll, an online advertising company, where he helped grow revenue 4x in… read more