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The demand for iPhone developers on oDesk has only increased over the past year. If you are currently developing for the iPhone and looking for some more resources to keep your skills sharp, or you’re wanting to get started developing, the links below should be helpful.

mobileorchard The Mobile Orchard – Top notch tutorials, news and a weekly post on “This Week in iPhone News” that can be helpful if you want to stay up to date up in a condensed format.
Maniac Dev Maniac Dev – Offers news updates and commentary on iPhone features, tutorials, and even has an excellent top ten list of their own.
The Apple Blog The Apple Blog – Includes a few helpful tutorials, but mostly focuses on keeping you apprised of happenings in the world of Apple. Check out their walkthrough on Adding Analytics to your App.
iCode Blog iCode Blog – iPhone Tutorials, and excellent commentary including this reaction to Adobe announcing that Flash CS5 will be able to export iPhone Apps.
iPhone SDK Articles iPhone SDK Articles – As the name suggest, no frills, just straight up tutorials. Case in point, a helpful article on dynamically adjusting your apps to local currency, language, and timezone.
Cocoa With Love Cocoa with Love – Cocoa and Objective-C Programming Tutorials for both Mac and iPhone. In depth analysis, like this article on optimizing loading of large tables on the iphone.
iPhone Development iPhone Development – Offers excellent iPhone commentary, Jeff Lamarche is the Author of “Beginning iPhone Development: Exploring the iPhone SDK”. Read this article where he praises, tears down, and rebuilds a snippet of code on device detection.
iPhone Incubator iPhone Incubator – Solid news, commentary and tutorials. An interstesting counterpart to oDesk’s Top 10 Banned iPhone Apps, is iPhone Incubators’s Top 57 ways to get your app rejected from the App Store.
Mac Create Mac Create – iPhone news and interviews with developers. Read Toki Torri App creators talk about how they hatched this well recieved game.
App Everyday App Every Day – The anonymous author “Matt”, created 25 apps in 25 days in the month of August 2009, all the code is available for download. An ambitious, and interesting project.

Helpful Non-Blog Links

The following, while not traditional blogs, might be very helpful links if you are interested in developing for the iPhone. Developer Portal Apple’s iPhone Developer Portal – It’s tough to beat the documentation that apple provides.
iPhone Dev Central iPhone Dev Central– Offers a database of user submitted tutorials.
iPhone Dev SDK iPhone Dev SDK – Unnoffical iPhone development forums.
iPhone Dev Camp iPhone Dev Camp – The iPhone Dev Camp is a non-profit organization that meets regularly to present iPhone apps and select winners of their “Hackathon” contest, many of the entries are open-source.

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