All Things Upwork

Across many cultures, the end of the year is a time of reflection, celebration and appreciation. We’re certainly seeing a lot of that lately in the buzz around the oDesk community. Provider Sakin Shrestha was pretty happy to be listed as an oDesk Top-Ranked Freelancer at the same time his provider company, Digital Max Solutions, made the Top-Ranked Companies list. We’ve also got a blogger celebrating her first paycheck as an oDesk provider (“I feel awesome today.”), another looking at his first $100 earned on oDesk (“It is one of my dreams to become a freelancer and now I am …”), and a third beaming about her first oDesk assignment.

If gift-giving comes to mind in December, Rikki John de Castro is offering something for the whole community:, a site he created to provide tips and information for oDesk users, and the occasional “coffee break” fun. We’ll be very interested to watch the new site develop, and we hope Rikki and his readers create a great added resource for us all!

Remember, if you’re blogging about oDesk, send us a link to — our favorite bloggers every month receive free oDesk T-shirts, the gift that keeps on giving! To everyone who has helped make 2009 a banner year for oDesk, we hope oDesk helped contribute to a banner year of your own. We wish you the happiest of holidays and continued success in 2010!