All Things Upwork
December 16, 2009 by Duncan Winter

oDesk has been recently enhancing the Message Center, and today we release our latest improvement: allowing users to send a message to their entire team through the Message Center.

Why we’re excited…
Firstly, the Message Center contains all oDesk communications. You can also set your preferences to receive a copy of your Message Center messages in your personal email.
Secondly, for those who choose to not share their personal info outside of oDesk, communicating only through the Message Center is the solution. You don’t have to know team members’ email/Skype/messenger addresses in order to contact them – you can just send team members a message directly from the Team Room.

How does it work?

    1. From your Team Room, click “Send Message to Team”.


    2. A message box will pop-up that contains a list of all your current team members which you can add to and delete from as needed.


    3. Add an attachment, if needed.
    4. As soon as you hit “Send” the message will go to each team member’s Message Center inbox, where they can reply to you directly or share their response with the entire team.

Depending on each user’s Message Center Preferences, a copy of the message may be sent to their personal email too.

Are you excited about this new feature, too? Got ideas for making the Message Center even better? Let us know at!