All Things Upwork

In response to provider feedback, we have redesigned the “Apply to Job” form to make it easier to send just the right application.

  1. All-new styling brings this form in line with our design direction and sets the stage for future updates and additions.
  2. Set your rate right in-line instead of after you submit the application; by default you enter your own pay rate, but you can also set the buyer charge rate (including oDesk fees) by clicking on it.
  3. Job qualification matching is smarter, too – if you don’t meet all of the buyer’s preferred qualifications, we tell you which ones
Apply to Job - oDesk

We know there are plenty more opportunities to make this page better. Please speak up if there’s something you’d like added or changed. We are listening!

Michael Levinson

Vice President of Product Strategy

Michael Levinson is the Vice President of Product Strategy at oDesk, where he is responsible for overall product strategy and definition. He joined oDesk in 2006 and was instrumental in building oDesk's global billing and payment platform. He later became Director of Product, where he led day-to-day product management. Prior to oDesk, Michael was a management consultant in technology, healthcare, and the public sector, starting… read more