All Things Upwork
by oDesk

Last week we were privileged to be able to attend the Vator Splash competition in San Francisco which was put on by the folks at Vator is a leading platform for innovators and entrepreneurs to broadcast themselves, and a provider of news and information through VatorNews. The event gave entrepreneurs and up-and-coming, early-stage startups a chance to present a little about their companies and we were quite impressed!

In an effort to do our part to help startups succeed, we’re extending a helping hand to each of the top 10 companies that presented at Vator Splash. We’re excited to show them how oDesk can help them build online workteams to save money and stay flexible. We’re excited to help and are looking forward to working with such an innovative group.

Of the 176 companies that participated, here are the ten that received the most votes, in no particular order:



Vidli is an online video licensor that allows users buy, sell, and rent streaming videos online.



YourVersion offers a free iPhone app and Firefox plugin for users who want to get relevant Web content delivered to them. It grows with the user the more they use it.


AskYourTargetMarket offers a service for anybody looking to survey their target market on a simple platform where users can set up surveys, pick out exactly who they want to get information from, and pay as they go.

thumbtack is an online marketplace for local services where users can find anybody from handymen and cleaners to tutors and errand-runners.

cinemashare coins itself as, “crowdfunding for entertainment projects.” They sell single shares of stock in a NASDAQ Capital Market IPO and free DVD as a stock dividend.



RentCycle offers a system to track inventory, manage reservations and increase distribution of goods.



Controlbox addresses th online issue the entire society of the Internet is vulnerable to – fraud when it comes to buying and selling things onlineas a central hub both buyer and seller have to go through by monitoring and recording the entire transaction from start to finish.



Vokle is a live video streaming site with a focus on showcasing high profile speakers using a platform where users can vote for who they want to meet, and then interact with them at a live online event hosted by Vokle.

intelligent papers

Intelligent Papers

Intelligent Papers’ vision is to rid the world of texbooks by creating a handheld device which enables students to have all their textbooks on, take notes, highlight, take tests, and even do their homework.


MYeGamer’s vision is to be the single destination where all competitive gamers go to read news and find out where and when the next big tournament will be. It also offers its readers updated strategies on how to beat their next opponent