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Last week, we asked you to try to set “office hours” – committed work hours that fit your schedule, during which you didn’t let distractions creep in. The idea: set office hours to gain productivity and more enjoyment out of your personal time.

The results? Mixed. Some found that setting time aside just for work was nearly impossible. Freelancer and mom Phillipa W. works with her son’s crib next to her desk – making for unpredictable starts and stops to her work day. “My hours revolve around my 15 month old son and his moods, if he’s in a good mood I can get lots done, if not, then boo. But I think if I were able to I would work set hours it would be more productive.”

Some folks hated even the idea of set hours. Comments shared reflected that some of the best creative ideas came from “Aha!” moments outside of their usual work time.

Others took to it like a fish to water: Dianne Mae P. expects to make more money this week because her office hours allowed her to be more productive. “It’s not really about having a regular 9-5 job. It’s more about making sure that you are able to work steady and continuous hours for each project that you are working on each day.”

Florante V. says, “I still have the same work hour patterns. The only difference is the fact that i’m in control of what I do, what to prioritize. One thing i’ve learned, ‘Don’t crowd the important things with the urgent’ It may not work for some, but it’s making my world a merrier place for freelancing.”

Thank you to everyone who submitted their comments on setting office hours! Phillipa, Dianne and Florante are our winners and will be receiving a signed copy of The Wealthy Freelancer. Congratulations!

Erica Benton

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