All Things Upwork
by oDesk


oDesk lets hundreds of thousands of talented providers find the work they want to do, but sometimes when we’re looking at the oConomy’s satellite perspective (almost $150 million earned via oDesk!) on our vibrant marketplace, we wonder about the individual stories, not just the numbers. Nearly every month, we run across a blogger talking about finding financial independence through oDesk, and we’ve talked to remote providers whose oDesk work opened up a world of travel opportunities, or helped them pay their way through college. But we know there are more stories out there, and we want to hear, and celebrate, them.

Have you launched a new career through oDesk? Overcome the challenges of a lousy job market in your area, family needs or a disability? Made extra money to meet a financial goal, or just break the shackles of that padded cubicle? Let us know in the comments below. Tell us where in the world you live, what kind of work you do, and what being an online provider has meant to you. Keep it short, but be sure to tell us how you changed your life with oDesk.

Buyers, don’t feel left out — we’re asking you the same in this post!