All Things Upwork
by oDesk

oDesk is constantly evolving as a marketplace, community, and tool that changes how the world works. Today, we took steps toward creating a more streamlined site navigation system. The changes are subtle, visible only to users who are signed in, but we’d like to share some of the more noticeable differences:

  • New user Home
    • Your personalized Home page will now appear after you log in
    • Visit anytime by clicking “Home” or the oDesk logo from anywhere in the site (once you’ve logged in)
  • Streamlined username dropdown menu
    • New access to “Account & Profile Settings” and “Sign Out”
    • Some of the less-used (but still important!) pages have been removed from the menu. You can now access the following pages by visiting “Account & Profile Settings”:
      • User Info
      • My Provider Profile
      • My Company Profile
      • My Teams
      • My Tests
      • Extending oDesk
  • Message Center Changes
    • The indicator shown next to “Messages” now reflect the total number of unread Inbox messages and Notifications.
    • “Account Alerts” and “Updates” have been removed from the menu – they are now integrated into the user Home.
    • “Notifications” is now the best place to find the latest communications about your account.

Stay tuned — more changes are under way, all designed to make your oDesk experience better.

Questions? Comments? Let us know how we can make our site navigation easier for you (and new users) to access all the great tools oDesk has to offer!