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Just as how the feedback system of eBay allows you to decide who to buy from, the feedback system of oDesk is designed to give employers the chance to review, evaluate, and decide who they would like to interview, hire, and work with based on the contractor’s profile and feedback ratings.

For contractors, good feedback provides an edge over others when looking for work. Here are our tips for earning that important 5-star rating on every contract:

1. Follow instructions. You read the job description, applied to the job, got hired, and are expected to do what you were hired to do.  Follow instructions and don’t hesitate to ask questions if there is confusion or misunderstanding with regards to the work.

progress report2. Send work progress reports. Employers appreciate being informed of the status of their projects.  It only takes a couple of minutes to compose a short email about the work you’ve done over the last week, so make it a habit to inform your employers of anything and everything to do with the work assigned to you.

3. Ask for feedback. I would suggest asking for feedback after the first few days so that you can get a good idea of what the employer thinks about the work you’ve done so far.  After receiving feedback, you can then adjust your work and proceed from there.

4. Give suggestions.  One of the greatest things about being a freelancer is that you have more freedom to use your creativity.  If you have an idea or a concept that you believe could make the final product even better than what the employer is expecting, don’t hesitate to give suggestions.  He may or may not accept your ideas, but it’s worth a try and it shows that you value the outcome of your employer’s assignment.

5. Be honest and reliable. If you don’t want to be scammed out of payment or have your time disputed, maintain complete honesty and reliability throughout your term as a contractor.  Always be honest with yourself and with whatever you do, even if the employer turns out to be less reliable than you had hoped.

6. Meet the deadlines you’ve set. Never take your deadlines for granted, especially if you were the one who set them in the first place.  If you feel that you might not make the deadline, inform the employer as soon as possible and do your best make up for the delays.


7. Always maintain excellence in your work. Keep your work at its highest quality and you’re sure to win that 5-star feedback rating from your happy employer.  This also means applying to jobs that you know you can be excellent in and being consistent until you’ve completed all of your tasks.

If you’re new or if you haven’t received a lot of five-star ratings lately, it’s okay.  There are always plenty of opportunities to earn glowing feedback and lots of ways to impress your present and future employers. Just follow these tips and motivate yourself to become an awesome contractor and you’ll soon enjoy the incoming job offers and invites to interview.

Got other tips to winning 5-star feedback ratings?  Share them in the comments below!

Stephanie Gonzaga is a freelancer on oDesk who specializes in writing topnotch web content, such as product copy, articles, and blog posts for clients all over the globe. During her free time, she writes on her blog The Freelance Pinoy, a site dedicated to providing Filipino freelancers with tips, advice, and strategies to help them reach freelancing success.

Stephanie Gonzaga

Freelancer, Blogger, and Creative Writer

Stephanie Gonzaga is a freelancer and blogger of The Freelance Pinoy, a freelancing blog for the Pinoy solo professional.