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September 2, 2010 by Guest Blogger

You are anxious to get started as an employer at oDesk, so you set up your account and submitted the form on the Payment Methods page to add a credit card. But, what is this about verification? We’re here to demystify the process and get you back on your way to your first hire as quickly as possible.

Verification may seem like an unnecessary aggravation at this point; however, it is an important step in the oDesk payment process, put in place to help make the oDesk marketplace a more secure place to do business.

Gather the Two Small Amounts

Once you submit the credit card form, our finance system submits two small verification charges to your credit card issuer immediately. All you have to do is gather these two amounts, then go back to the Payment Methods page and submit them into the verification form. You can find them on your credit card statement, by calling your credit card company or by logging in to your credit card company’s website and reviewing your charges online. You can use your local currency – just add the amounts exactly as you see them listed on your credit card statement and don’t worry about converting them. Once you have entered the two small amounts and activated your card on oDesk, those small verification amounts will be refunded to you.

small charges

Speed Up the Process

As stated above, you shouldn’t have to wait for your monthly statement in order to get the two small verification charge amounts. If you use a credit card with online account access, just check there, or you can call your credit card issuer directly to find out the amounts of the two small charges. The date you entered in your card information on our site is the same date that we’ll send the charges, so use that information to locate the charges. These charges will be automatically refunded if your credit card has not been verified within seven days. However, you can still use those amounts to verify your card – even after the charges are refunded to you!

Ask for Help

If you get an error message or have any other problems, use the link on the verification form to contact Customer Support. They can give you the necessary information, walk you through the process and, if necessary, ask management to manually verify the card for you.

Protect Your Account

We recommend that a backup or secondary payment method be added, just in case the primary method fails or expires. This will protect the active status of your oDesk account. You can change which payment method is the primary or backup method as needed via the Payment Methods page under the Payments tab.

You can find more information about verifying your credit card in our help center. As the largest and fastest-growing global employment platform, we’re striving to keep oDesk running smoothly and securely for all users. I hope better understanding the verification process will help you on your way to becoming the next successful oDesk employer!

Barbara Wright joined the oDesk marketplace in 2007, after more than three years on staff at a national community newspaper company. She is a lifelong writer with two decades of published works. Wright is on the oDesk Support Team, but wears many other hats, helping at the forums and lending a pen whenever possible.