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September 29, 2010 by Alex Hornbake

WordPress has become synonymous with blogging. While it isn’t the only content management system, it is certainly the most popular in the oConomy, amongst the Technorati Top 100 blogs, and arguably the largest on the Internet with over 27 million publishers . The WordPress trends page offers additional insight into this hot online publishing platform.

The Numbers

With nearly 4,000 WordPress related jobs posted last month, the popular blogging platform sported continuous growth this year and currently outranks the job volume of Typepad, Drupal and Joomla combined.


Simply put. It’s free and it works.

The open source solution offers most users a relatively short setup time and, through its modular framework, the look and feel can be quickly changed with off-the-shelf themes. For more advanced users, plug-ins can extend the simple blog platform to handle e-commerce, analytics, photo galleries, connectivity with social networking sites, and much more.

The WordPress large library of plug-ins gives developers time saving tools that can greatly reduce development time and create a quick, working solution ranging from excellent to “good enough” for most projects.

As this post makes light of, there are a lot of different paths that lead users to WordPress. Users there cite their experiences, ranging from its advantages as a content management system, developers praising the huge library of user developed plug-ins, and others simply because of its popularity.

Employers seeking WordPress professionals are most likely seeking to fulfill one of three roles: content creators–or in this case, bloggers, blog managers, or theme designers/developers. This breadth may account for the large number of job postings. However, if this indicates an overlap with your skills, and you aren’t WordPress savvy, then  it might also indicates some room for growth.

Learn MoreWordpress Logo

The huge amount of available  information and documentation is yet another reason for WordPress’s large user base. is a great starting place for learning more, and below are some links to more specific articles.

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