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Do you have the latest version of the oDesk Team desktop application? To ensure you can continue recording time and collaborating with your team, download now.

Old versions of oDesk Team no longer work.

Do I need to download the new version?

If you rely on oDesk Team to track time and collaborate with your team, and you do not have the latest version, you will need to upgrade.

Here is a list of the minimum required versions of oDesk Team based on operating system:

  • Windows 3.2.79
  • Mac 3.2.41
  • Linux 2.0.0

If you have this version already, no action is needed. To check what version you are on, open the oDesk Team application, go to Help > About oDesk Team. If you do not have one these versions, please download it now.

What’s in the new version?

With the new version of oDesk Team, you get full chat functionality, an improved interface, a full team roster, and more! And, with your whole team on the same version, you will help ensure you can continue to check in with each other and stay in touch.

How do I download?

Downloading the new oDesk Team application is a simple process and takes just a few moments. Visit our downloads page now.

What if I have questions?

First, please visit our general Team app and platform specific (Windows, Mac, Linux) help pages.

For Windows and Mac users: if you have any additional questions, please reach out to customer support by going to Help in the oDesk Team application, and submitting a ticket. By going through oDesk Team rather than the oDesk website, your ticket will include log files that will help our support reps resolve your problem more quickly.

For Linux users: if you have questions, please submit a ticket to customer support here.

Thanks for your help. By having everyone on the same version, it helps us help you! We can spend our time enhancing oDesk Team to make your life easier, rather than supporting outdated versions.

If you have any comments, please visit our community forum.

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