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Due to the popularity of last year’s Stay Employed – Jobs with the Least Competition and Greatest Opportunity post (and the requests we’ve received for updated information), here is the most recent data to help you develop your resume and determine what skills you need to focus on to stay employed or start down a new career path.

In looking at the table below, there are two columns: one with the skill or technology, the second with the Fill Ratio, which shows the competition for job postings – a low percentage in this column indicates great job opportunities with less competition, and a higher percentage score indicates that jobs requiring those skills get filled at or above the usual rate. Anything not on this list is getting filled at a higher rate, which indicates high competition for the skill or technology.

Skill Fill Ratio
iPhone 30.14%
iOS (iPhone/iPad) 31.34%
CSS 32.93%
Flash 35.05%

.NET 35.80%
Sales 36.32%

3D Design 38.41%
Video Production 39.04%
Marketing 39.30%
Google App Engine 39.88%
Typepad 40.20%
MS Access 40.42%
C# 41.18%

MS PowerPoint 41.78%
C++ 41.97%
Transcription 42.00%
Accounting 42.70%

iPhone and iOS developers are recently experiencing the lowest fill rate – which means competition for jobs with this skill is fairly low. As we predicted, with the widespread adoption of the iPad and recent announcements about expaned the iPhone onto the Verizon network, the field is growing, as the number of positions requiring iPhone and iOS programming skills are rapidly climbing.

Google App Engine skills are growing in demand – they make their debut on the list a 40% fill rate. C++ developers, the previous leaders in our opportunity rankings, have fallen down the list, but a comparison of the fill rates over time show that these jobs are getting filled at a much higher rate than last year (41.97% vs. 17%).

While WordPress seems to rule the roost, perception-wise, folks with WordPress skills may want to expand into Typepad, since a 40% fill rate shows more opportunities there.

Accounting jobs make their first appearance on the opportunity scale, joining Transcription positions in enjoying a combined average fill rate of 42.35%.

In general, the range of fill rates this year is much higher than last year (30-42% vs. 17-30%). The competition for work is much stiffer than it was a few short months ago, but that does not mean the opportunities are any less available! Seek out education in high-demand skills that align with your experience for the maximum impact on your career.


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