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When it comes to job posts, most managers put all their focus into writing the job description and instructions for applicants — both vital to the hiring process. However, there is one tiny little detail can have a huge impact on the number and even the caliber of contractors who apply, and that is the timing of your job post.

Your job post should go ‘live’ at a time and date most likely to attract the best pool of contractors for the job. This means putting some thought into whether or not your ideal contractor is likely to be found in one particular time zone, country or culture.

For example, if you need an Italian-to-English translator, there is a strong chance your best applicants will be found in Italy. Of course, the beauty of the Internet is that the whole world is your applicant pool. (You might find that the best Italian-to-English translator is in Argentina!) But, putting a little thought into which parts of the world your best applicants are likely to be found is a job posting best practice.

Why? Because jobs are posted online every minute, and the older the job post, the less likely it is to get the attention you think it deserves.  You’ve got to consider the time of day, the day of the week and whether or not a holiday is near before posting your job. No matter how much people may need work, they’re just not likely to be searching job posts in the middle of the night, on weekends, or on holidays, which is why having at least a vague idea about the culture and location of your ideal candidate matters.

For example, that Italian-to-English translator you want is not likely to be sitting at his computer searching job posts on June 2nd, which is Festa della Repubblica — a national holiday in Italy. So wait a day or two if it’s June 1st and you want to post that job. Likewise, need a U.S. contractor? Don’t post a job on a Friday night, when your U.S. pool of contractors are probably either out with friends or on their sofas with their feet up.You’ll likely receive applications from every other part of the world before the U.S.-based contractors even see your post on Monday morning.

While there is a world of potential quality candidates for your position, thinking carefully about the timing of your next job post can help you pinpoint the contractors that are a likely fit. Don’t let your hiring process be sabotaged by something as easily avoided as bad timing.

Have you noticed a difference in the timing of your job posts and the responses you receive? Share your insights in the comments!

Erica Benton

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