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April 1, 2011 by Erica Benton

REDWOOD CITY, Calif.—April 1, 2011—oDesk, the largest and fastest-growing universal  employment platform, with the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, today unveiled the results of the first Joint Universal Employment Report. Thanks to online work opportunities, and the rebounding economy, the report revealed that the unemployment rate for the Milky Way has officially hit a new low of 0 percent.

oDesk took the Obama Administration’s vow to create a nation rich in work to the next level, and created a marketplace where a galaxy of employers and workers can build successful remote work relationships. The company harnessed satellite technology to bounce signals to far corners of the universe, enabling remote work that crosses millions of miles of space to create a truly borderless economy. Now humans and intergalatic species can work together in a galaxy full of work opportunities.

“Previously, our communication was limited to crop circles,” said Marvin the Martian. “But with tools like oDesk, communication and collaboration through space and time, and also across species, has become much more seamless.”

Data from the Joint oDesk & Bureau of Labor Statistics Employment Report:
Since 2010, oDesk has seen a 520% increase in extraterrestrials using remote work, since it allows access to job opportunities outside their local areas.

  • Mars has seen an increase of 98%, the previous 2% being limited to those hired by college kids and conspiracy theorists to create the aformentioned crop circles.
  • Pluto, although recently downgraded from it status of dwarf planet to asteroid, houses a surprisingly talent-rich community of translators in a wide variety of planetary dialects.
  • Areas of expertise within these intergalactic regions include: Astronomy, Transporter Technology, Linguistics and Meteorology.
  • Additionally, with the universe working in harmony, innovation is at an all-time high:
    • Earthlings and Mercureans have partnered to create the Flux Capacitor of Doc’s dreams.
    • Scientists on Neptune claim to be near completion of the cure for space rot.
    • Startups are cropping up across Jupiter and Saturn, overloading TechCrunch with pitches to cover their latest rounds of funding.

“The galaxy is full of fantastically talented creatures, and we’re thrilled to give them all a platform to work together,” said oDesk CEO Gary Swart. “The quality of intergalactic work has been out of this world!”


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