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June 28, 2011 by Mollie Carter

The Work Diary is a critical tool used by employers and contractors alike to understand and literally see what work is being done. Experience has shown – those who regularly review the Work Diary have fewer surprises and are happier with the work they get done.

Yesterday, we released an enhanced Work Diary making it even easier to track work being done and stay in lock step with your team.

Bigger snapshots
We know, those little snapshots are hard to view and clicking to see the full screen version takes time. Now, simply hover over a snapshot to see a larger view with additional activity information.

Clearer blocks of time
Memos now span across time segments, quickly showing you how time is being spent. All non-working time segments are left empty to make the important working hours easier to read.

Calendar with clear activity markers
Quickly see what days had time billed and know where to drill down.

Clearer time categories
Bolder formatting makes it easier to differentiate between each category of time to be reviewed. Please note, we’ve also simplified the terms we use for each category of time:

  • Auto-tracked time (green): Logged through the oDesk Team application, containing snapshots and activity levels. Subject to the oDesk Guarantee.
  • Manual time (yellow): Entered manually in the Work Diary. As always, this time in not covered by the oDesk Guarantee.
  • Over Weekly Limit time (brown): Not billed. See Overtime alerts feature below.

New preferences
Choose to view window titles for more information on applications being used.

Overtime alerts
You get alerted at the top of the Work Diary if any time during the week goes over your weekly limit. Hours over the weekly limit are not billed, but employers and contractors should discuss why time went over the limit, whether a bonus is warranted for the extra hours worked, and whether a higher weekly limit is needed or hours need to be cut back.

Check out the new Work Diary today!  It’s a highly effective tool to see when and what work is being done, and to signal when you need to check in for an update with your team. Please visit our forum post if you have any feedback or questions.

Bigger snapshots
Work Diary Hover Preview

Clearer blocks of time
Work Diary Block of Time

Calendar with clear activity markers
Work Diary Calendar

Mollie Carter

Director of Freelancer Marketing

As director of freelancer marketing, Mollie Carter brings to Elance-oDesk extensive marketing experience in the Internet and software industry. As a senior manager at PayPal, she was part of the founding team for PayPal’s first telesales organization, helping to build the team to an astounding $50M in annual revenue. While director at PayPal, Mollie led the Merchant Acquisition Marketing and Consumer Engagement Marketing divisions, developing… read more