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A little over a month ago we quietly rolled out a Beta of our new site navigation.  We’ve received tons of great feedback and it’s now time to let everyone in on our little secret.

Starting tomorrow, all active users will see the new oDesk when you log in.  We are in the midst of creating a whole new platform on oDesk that allows us to deliver rich, personalized working environments.   It’s a new, highly tailored world on oDesk, and we think you’re going to love it – now, and even more in the months to come!

To start, employers and contractors are no longer mixed together and served the same dual-purposed pages.  Instead, we have built specific applications for employers and contractors to give you everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Also, team members can be given role-specific permissions.  As a manager of others, you can set up your team to only give access to the areas of your oDesk application that workers need to effectively do their jobs.  You set who sees what, giving you a whole new level of privacy and control.

And, best of all, this is a platform we can all grow with.  As employers and contractors, as teams of one and teams of hundreds, you have unique needs.  Rather than a one-size fits all, or a few added features, we will be giving you powerful new applications tailored to your specific work situation.

Today we also launch our first application, oDesk Recruit – a great example of where we’re going with the new platform.  oDesk Recruit is designed specifically for employers and gives them everything they need to find, evaluate and connect with their next remote worker.  Read more about it here.

Stay tuned for more!  In the coming weeks, we’ll be unveiling several more rich applications for contractors, employers, and agencies.

For details on how the new platform is organized, and what’s already available, read our previous announcement.

Have feedback?  Visit our community forum post to discuss the new oDesk platofrm with other users, or send us direct feedback via our survey (see the link at the top of every page in the new oDesk).

Mollie Carter

Director of Freelancer Marketing

As director of freelancer marketing, Mollie Carter brings to Elance-oDesk extensive marketing experience in the Internet and software industry. As a senior manager at PayPal, she was part of the founding team for PayPal’s first telesales organization, helping to build the team to an astounding $50M in annual revenue. While director at PayPal, Mollie led the Merchant Acquisition Marketing and Consumer Engagement Marketing divisions, developing… read more